If your looking for an awesome dog walker, you come to the right place!

Bringing a dog home is exciting and moreover, establishing a loving environment is central. Teaching house rules, setting routine and potty training  is essential for family harmony. However, it is also necessary  for a dog to exercise and socialize with other dogs and this is where my PASSION comes in to play.  My name is Elba and I am the owner and sole employee of The Daily Dog Walker. I am independently owned, with over 10 years experience and they have been the best chapter in my life! Dog walks fill an important role in your dogs physical and social needs. If your dog joins me, he/she will be taken by vehicle to parks, trails and beaches, where they can explore, socialize and play unleashed within proximity. I strongly believe in the power of positive reinforcement, force free handling techniques and strive to  uphold a safe, respectful, fun experience. Moreover, trust and personal attention between me and my dogs is foremost.  Have your dog join my group of wagging tales today. 


The Daily Dog Walker is in compliance with all regulations enacted by the San Francisco Commercial Dogwalker Legislation. 

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City & County of San Francisco

San Francisco Commercial dog walker requirements